Places where gambling is a punishable crime

Not everywhere in the world is as tolerant as the United Kingdom when it comes to a cheeky little wager. There are many countries where gambling is a punishable crime and you could face serious legal ramifications and potential jail time if you breach the law. Here are some of the places where gambling is illegal. Brunei This small Muslim country has the Common Gaming House Act which enforces strict anti-gambling laws. Ironically, the royalty of Brunei enjoy gambling in other parts of the world and the Sultan is considered one of the most prolific high rollers to visit other country‚Äôs finest casinos. Qatar In this other deeply Muslim country, all forms of gambling including sports betting comes under a blanket ban. Online gambling is also illegal but that has still not stopped an underground gambling network from cropping up. In a country where so many of the population is expats, it is understandable why so many would want to continue with a pastime familiar to them in their native homes. (more…)