Technology, what is Technology exactly? What defines technology? How long has technology been used? What has technology done for mankind? What will the future of technology by like? Will technology be how mankind will colonize other planets in our solar system and even take us to distant galaxies perhaps? Will technology help us to travel at warp speed like Star Trek’s USS Enterprise can? Well these are great questions and the answers will be different depending on (1), the person answering it, (2) the time/year/decade/century they are answering it in.

Technology, what is it exactly? What defines technology?

The word “Technology” is actually a Greek word that means “science of craft”, or “cunning use of hands”. Or even another word for art or skill. Since mankind is so successful as a species because of their hands as no other animal has hands like the human hands and with our hands (and our minds) we are able to create things. These things would be used by us in some way to help us advance or just to do something! That is basically what technology is for the layman.

How long has technology been used?

For as long as mankind has been around really. Ever since mankind made the first hand tool to help him do something. That could be many thousands of years ago since the days of the stone age man. And right up to now in all of the technology that we use today. Technology that helps us to wake up in the morning and cook our breakfast. Technology that helps us get to work on time and be able to call or text in if you think you’re going to be late!

What has technology done for mankind?

Technology has done many great things for mankind. Although it has also somewhat proven, and even threatens to be mankind’s downfall and destruction too. For it’s with technology that we have the modern world and infrastructure in place to live longer, healthier lives. Advancements in medical science have helped mankind to survive deadly diseases and heal other physical, physiological or even psychological conditions. But it’s also meant that mankind has been able to develop the atomic bomb as well which has already been used to kill millions of people and could be used again in the future but on an ELE (Extinction Level Event).

What will the future of technology by like?

We don’t know for sure but we can make guesses and predictions based on what we know now. Will there be flying cars and hover boards one day? How about a teleporter? Well, we invented the telephone and the television so I personally think, the teleporter is only a matter of time. But technology is said to double in speed every year and the amount it can improve upon does to. So it makes the future of technology look very bright indeed!

Will technology be how mankind will colonize other planets in our solar system and even take us to distant galaxies perhaps?

Yes maybe one day our technology will improve so much that we’ll be able to travel at or near the speed of light and be able to visit distant galaxies, star systems and planets. There is already talk of colonizing the asteroid belt and building whole cities of workers on them to mine the minerals they contain. That is only a matter of time and people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg and Elon Musk are already talking about it.

Will technology help us to travel at warp speed like Star Trek’s USS Enterprise can?

I would imagine that hyper drive warp speed like technology will one day be available to us yes. That one day we will build super massive star ships not much unlike the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. Once we learn how to harness the power to travel at those speeds, and we can learn how to overcome such challenges then we will travel around the universe at warp speed and even end up saying “Beam me up Scotty”.

Since technology has evolved like man has since the stone age days to modern man. Will technology ever reach a point where it can no longer be improved upon?

That’s a good question isn’t it? Look at the wheel. Can it be reinvented? Can it be improved? Look at the axe. Can an axe be improved? Unless you can reinvent a wheel that goes faster than most wheels and is stronger and longer lasting. And unless you can invent an axe that always stays super sharp and never ever blunts. Then we’ll always forever be making them stronger and longer lasting or faster or sharper. Until we reach that point that we can no longer do so. I would imagine that’s a logic that can be applied here.

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